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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Halloween 2013 Edition; Avant Garde

Hello! ❤❤❤

That time of the year's nearing again!😂
The time of the year where it's socially acceptable to be the weirdest me possible! ;)

I have a lot of things on my mind to do for this year's halloween so I'm starting this early so that I can choose the best for the actual night.

For this year, I wanted to do something that will show case my artistic side. I decided to do more avant garde type of make up. I'm still going to do the usual ghouls, witches and the likes but I wanted to do something a bit original... You know, something of my own style.

This first one is inspired by Marc from The Prince of Vanity on Youtube. If you haven't checked his channel out, please do! He's such a remarkable and talented MUA!

I wanted to start with something that uses only make up and not that much brushes. No face paint.

For those who have limited resources then this one's for you! Why? because to achieve this look, I only had to use one palette, a cream compact foundation, five brushes, some q-tips or cotton buds, a lipstick and a setting powder.

Actually you can achieve this look with only a cake powder foundation(w/c can double up as a concealer btw) used with a damp sponge, a concealer, an all-in-one palette(necessary that it contains a black, some browns, and three different vibrant eyeshadows), an eyeliner, some cotton buds and a lipstick!

*Using a cake powder foundation with a damp sponge eliminates the use of a setting powder. It's better to use a dampened sponge for a cake foundation because it gives you the right amount of coverage with just one layer.
*I've stated that it's necessary for your palette to contain above mentioned colors because of the following:
- When using a pencil liner no matter what brand, it's always best to set it with a black shadow so that it doesn't smudge as fast versus used alone.
- The browns will be used for contouring.
- Guess what's the use of the three different shadows.. 😉
*I've mentioned q-tips as well because you can substitute eyeshadow brushes for those. Comes in handy with details.
* The concealer of course is for hiding imperfections, but you can use it as a base as well to make your colors pop an not move.
You know what to do with the rest! ;)

Some tips:
- You can change any of the colors I used to your own taste. It's halloween whatever color you use is fine! ❤
- Use the black liner first to outline your design, add your desired shadows then set the the liner with black e/s
- Add small amounts of black to create depth.
- If you have no blending brush, you can use your fingers. Remember to be light as feather when blending. ;)

Products that I used are all local products; if not, then something you can see at stores here in the Philippines or buy at a Philippine online shop. ❤

Here's the complete list...

- James Cooper; Jazzy Collection Compact Cream Foundation in shade CF-05
- Careline; Eyeshadow and Blushes Palette
- Exclusive Elegant; Translucent Compact Powder
- Exclusive Elegant; Liquid Eye Liner in Shade 02
- Avon; SuperCurlacious Mascara in E21/Black
- Nyx; Round Lipstick in LSS 643 Femme

- Cotton Buds/Q-tips

- Marionnaud; N'32 Blush Brush
- Beauty Cosmetics; Flat Top Kabuki Brush
- Beauty Cosmetics; Fluffy Powder Brush
- Beauty Cosmetics; lip brush (which I used as a detail brush)
- Beauty Cosmetics; Concealer brush
- Marionnaud; N'6 Eyes - Yeux

And that's it!

Thank you for reading.
Have a blessed day Bargain Hunters! ❤❤❤


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